Savills Collection - NE Scotland #3

Country Sofas was featured on page 30 of Estate Agent Savills' North East Scotland Collection (3rd Edition) - read it on the Savill's site, download it as a (large) PDF or see below for the full editorial.

Choosing furniture is a big decision whether decorating a Highland home or a city flat. Get it right and you will invest in a piece that combines style, quality and comfort which you will enJoy for decodes. Get it wrong and you ore lumbered with something that is uncomfortable, costly or out of fashion in months.

Ordering fully bespoke furniture is the best way to ensure what you ore paying for is exactly what you wont.

A world away from high street shopping, a converted born near Pitlochry in rural Perthshire may seem on unlikely place to source perfect bespoke furniture but Miriam Golt who runs Country Sofas, is busy.

Described by Scottish Field Magazine as 'a prime example of on authentic company' Country Sofas is a family business dedicated to delivering superior service. Every item is fully custom mode by hand. This means they build you what you wont and what you will love.

'1 want our customers to be as excited about their furniture in ten years' time as when they first take delivery."

Miriam says: "Homes ore for living in, a place for work, fun and socialising, welcoming to return to from walking with children and dogs. Whether relaxing or entertaining, home should be functional, splendid and mostly comfortable not Just a showpiece".

Every stage is treated with core and attention to detail. Designing furniture around you is fun, informative and guided. Consider room lighting, existing features and deco, access. Importantly comfort and how you wont to feel. How will you and others use the room? Do hove grandchildren or pets?

Miriam explains: "It's about understanding customer's real needs and aspiration and working with that.

I don't see it as selling -I'm having a relationship with people around what they wont and what they ore looking for. Creating something serviceable of beauty. We engage and help to whatever degree desired.

Because every piece of furniture is bespoke, when buying at a distance the website is Just a starting point for the some personal service.

"At Country sofas we love the natural qualities and benefits of using wool for upholstery. Like a fine whisky you discern its distinctive quality and feel the difference for a long time I The options ore immense, whether looking for something more traditional or with a contemporary Scottish Interior feel."

"Wools are 'of the earth' and reflect seasonal colours and designs as an enduring influence for fabrics which won't go out of fashion."

From before the Victorian age, when tartan become the pattern of choice for carpets, wallpapers and curtains, with a wall full of stag's heads to accessorise, Scottish interior design hos never been difficult to recognise. Over time the look hos become more subtle while still encapsulating Scotland's owe inspiring environment: breath toking reflections in a loch, a sun set, the rich hues of heather and bracken, subtle textures of earth, stone and slate.

See samples from the largest collection of wools spanning traditional local weaves like the rugged Glenlyon tweeds to fine silky finishes of The Isle Mill and those further afield.

"Discover how furniture looks totally different depending on the fabric you use" says Miriam. "Subdued muted colours bring out the natural elegance of texture or herringbone. Consider contrasting piping or leather paneling. Playfully mix and match hues, patterns and trimmings, perhaps tartan on choirs, scatters or window seat. Remember accessories pull everything together."

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