Cristina Marrone

Cristina Marrone

Situated in the heart of East London, Cover-Tex was founded in 1977 by David, Hazel and George Brown. Using their knowledge and experience of the upholstery market, Cover-Tex quickly became one of the leading wholesalers to the upholstery industry, supplying a broad range of over 1700 fabrics nationwide.

Today the company continues as a family run business with David and the arrival of his daughter Cristina in 1999, who, with her BA (HONS) in textile design, has become the designer of the ‘Cristina Marrone’ collection.

With the introduction of the ‘Cristina Marrone’ collection the Cover-Tex family can now offer a wider and more varied collection of fabrics, encompassing classic, transitional and modern ranges to cover a wide spectrum to meet with the demands of today’s changing markets and fashions.

The different fabrics range from plain and jacquard chenille’s, flat weaves, faux leather and suedes, linen prints, velvets and washable cottons. All of which have been sourced from the finest mills throughout Europe and the world using the finest yarns.

Our aim is to supply products of the highest quality, ensuring that our customers experience a service second to none.

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