Ian Sanderson

Ian Sanderson

Ian Sanderson is an English family business that specialises in designing and producing fabrics and trimmings for residential and contact interiors.

The company was created by Ian Sanderson in 1962, who previously had sold fabrics to interior designers in London and identified a need for more elaborate designs and colours along with a trend change in fashion and styles which was beginning to be reflected in interiors.

The objective of the business was to remain small and manageable. Ian had a skill in identifying great fabrics for his clients, which in the early days included new designers Nina Campbell and Tricia Guild.

Since 1995 the company has been managed by Julian (Ian’s son) and Helen (Creative Director) Sanderson. The current design philosophy is to maintain and strengthen their own identity and look. Presently we are combining our solid core of plain and semi plain fabrics with funky prints and elements slightly vintage or retro.

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