Design Your Sofa

Whether buying from us at a distance or visiting our Showroom, we will carefully guide you through the process of creating furniture that is perfect for you.

If you are looking for unique, quality seating built around your taste and comfort then you've come to the right place. Tell us if you need help, have something specific in mind or know exactly what you want. We will give you as much or as little support as you want.

We will ask the right questions and offer friendly, personal advice based on our knowledge and experience to help you arrive at furniture you will love.

"Pick from our wide range, adapt or fully custom build."

Neither designing your own or custom build means high priced - because of the nature of our family business we offer superior quality at an unbeatable price.

1. Choose Your Style

The Style

Country Sofas offers a wide range of seating styles as a starting point to choose from or adapt. We'll help you select sofas, chairs and suites that best suit your space from our Compact, Standard or Grand styles.

You can start from the Sofa catalogue, an adaptation you’ve seen on our website or even send your own photograph or drawing.

Mixing Styles and Customising

Our frames are purpose built on site, not mass-produced and then altered, so we can provide the ultimate in customisation - anything from resizing to combining elements from different styles to producing completely unique designs.

Because every piece is built to order, there are no extra charges for minor customisation. You will be advised in advance of any additional re-patterning or alteration charges if applicable.

  • Royale x Charlotte
  • Buckingham - Adapted Arms
  • Jane - 4 seat in two Sections
  • Melissa - Reduced size with skirt
  • Royale - Adapted with wings
  • Charlotte x Melissa x Georgina
  • Georgina - Adapted arms, no skirt
  • Georgina - Reduced Size
  • Jane - Low arms, curved back
  • Georgina - Adapted arms
  • Edinburgh x Georgina
  • Royale - Reduced Size


Our standard designs come in the expected sizes but we can build to your specified measurements. Consider a 2.5 seat sofa, a snuggler or love seat or adding just an extra inch or two for extra comfort .

The Setting

As part of our service we can take into consideration the environment in which your furniture will be set and offer our advice and suggestions. We consider lighting, access, lay-out of the space, existing decor, colour and furniture as well as how you use the space. We can also review photos and plans to offer you assistance in choosing your size, style and fabric if desired. There is generally no additional charge for this informal consultation which is advisory only.

It is important to discuss any difficulties with access at an early stage so we can design your furniture to accommodate.

Choose your number of seats

2. Choose Your Fabric

How different a piece of furniture can look when the covering is changed be it colour, pattern or texture. The overall appearance can shift from modern to traditional, elegant to charming, sleek to rustic, simple to dazzling.

Wool, velvet, cotton, linen, chenille, leather, faux leather and more - each will radically alter the feel and visual impact of your furniture including the comfort of seating.

The spectrum of choice is enormous even before you consider durability and suitability for purpose. At each stage we will discuss applications, help you find the balance between what you need and what you want and provide appropriate options. We are here to help you make an informed decision and not just an impulsive one!

Finally, we know that fabrics are best seen in context. Having focused your preference we will arrange for samples to be sent to you to see how they work with the light and space in your room at different times of the day.

Alternatively we can work with fabric you supply yourself, please enquire for more information.

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3. Customise Your Style

Measuring Your Sofa

Measuring Your Sofa

The diagram illustrates all the measurements of your furniture that can be customised to match your exact specifications.

Country Sofas can customise every aspect of your furniture

It's not just the style and fabric, we build around your comfort so that your feet touch the ground, your back is comfortably supported and it's easy to get in and out of. Tell us your aspirations and constraints and we will work with you.

As with every other step in the design process, we listen, ask questions and do whatever we can to help you make informed decisions.

Back Styles

A large part of the overall look of your furniture and integral to it's comfort is the style of back.

We offer a fixed back, traditional cushion back, scatter cushion back and button back.

Every seat and back cushion is removable and easy to clean, providing twice the durability.

Scatter, Cushion or Button Back

Seat Filling

Our furniture comes with a choice of high quality foam or fibre seat filling as standard however we also offer a variety of alternatives including feather and environmentally friendly ('green') products to suit different needs, functionality and personal comfort which we'll explore with you.

Note that alternative seat fillings will incur additional charges.

Foam and Fibre Seat Filling

Feet Types

The feet you choose for your furniture has a big impact on it's appearance and affects the height too - we can supply a wide range of modern and contemporary feet in different styles and will help you match the right ones for your style, size and floor.

Some of our most popular styles include the Queen Ann, fluted and bun feet.

Caster options and feet glides are also available.

4. Options and Extras

Choose your sofa style
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