Re-upholstering Furniture

Country Sofas re-covers sofas, armchairs, chaises and stools, antiques and well-loved pieces.

We never cover over existing fabric; a pattern is taken before the piece is stripped back to the frame and fully rebuilt with any structural repairs made. All our work is handmade to exceptionally high standards, even using traditional methods of hand folding and tucking button back designs.

We receive many enquiries from environmentally concerned people, eager to save furniture from landfill and hoping to save money too but sadly, properly recovering often costs more than buying new. Due to manpower, time and transport costs, people generally choose to replace with custom build which usually works out less expensive.

If you opt for re-upholstering we can arrange for both collection and delivery of your furniture.

Fabric by the Metre

You can buy fabric by the metre from us directly - visit our Fabrics section to see various suppliers and their ranges. Let us know if you don't find what you're looking for as the online list is not exhaustive and we are always ready to help where we can.

We supply domestic and contract fabric, faux leather and sheers for curtains, soft furnishings, wall coverings, clothing and crafts.

If you can why not call to arrange a visit. We have a huge stock of books and fabrics to see and feel. We also provide cuttings and source samples.

Refilling Cushions

Many people bring their sagging cushions to us, tired of plumping them up only to have them flatten immediately.

Replacing seat and back cushion fillings is a way of prolonging the life of your furniture and transforms their look and feel.

All fibre and feather cushions, however well maintained, will collapse over time according to their content, use and maintenance.

We offer a wide choice of seat fillings including a robust yet lightweight 'green' fibre/feather substitute that retains its volume and shape far longer.


All our headboards are handmade to measure in any style and fabric of your choice. We can make you various shapes and styles of padding including handsewn deep buttoning.

You have the opportunity to mix and match headboards with curtains, stools, ottomans or blanket boxes, window seats, wall coverings and cushions.

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